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BSI कॉमिक, द बाइबल सोसाइटी ऑफ़ इण्डिया, जो की एक धार्मिक संस्था है और जिसका उद्देश्य इसाई धर्म का प्रचार-प्रसार करना तथा क्रिस्चियन साहित्य और बाइबल का प्रकाशन और वितरण है, के द्वारा इसाई धर्म के महान कहानियों को चित्रकथाओं के रूप में प्रस्तुत करने का एक सफल प्रयास था. 

द बाइबल सोसाइटी ऑफ़ इण्डिया का मुख्य ऑफीस बंगलोर में स्थित है और वहीँ से ही इनका प्रकाशन और वितरण किया गया था.

द बाइबल सोसाइटी ऑफ़ इण्डिया का कॉमिक प्रोग्राम 1983 के आसपास शुरू हुआ था और 1984-1989 के मध्य प्रकाशित इन कॉमिक्स का वितरण बहुत ही शानदार ढंग से किया गया था जिससे इस अल्प अवधि में ही लगभग 54,51,300 प्रतियां बेचीं जा चुकी थी. 

जैसा की स्पष्ट है, इन चित्रकथों में इसाई धर्म की शिक्षाओं, ईसा मसीह और महान धर्म प्रचारकों की गाथाएं चित्रकथाओं की जीवंत शैली में प्रस्तुत की गयी थी, जिससे अन्य धर्मों के मानने वाले लोगों ने भी इसे पढ़ा. 

मेरी जानकारी के अनुसार इस सीरिज में कुल 13 कॉमिक्स प्रकाशित की गयी थी. यह कॉमिक्स बड़े आकार में ३२ पृष्ठ (लगभग) के रूप में प्रस्तुत की गयी थी, तथा हिंदी, अंग्रेजी, तमिल और तेलुगू में इनका प्रकाशन किया गया था. 

कुछ ज्ञात कॉमिक्सों के नाम निम्नानुसार हैं - 
  • महान उद्धार - भाग I
  • महान उद्धार - भाग II  .
  • दाऊद - भाग I
  • दाऊद - भाग II
  • यीशु के जीवन - भाग I
  • यीशु के जीवन - भाग II
  • यीशु के जीवन - भाग III
  • एलियाह 
  • सब के गुरु 
 (अन्य जानकारी शेयर करें)
(24 Dec 2010 - The BSI Comic which cover has been posted here - Sab Ka Guru is now available for download at My i.e. Anupam Agrawal's Blog)


akfunworld said...

Anupam ji,
Sabse pahle to main aapse maafi manganaa chahunga ki pichali baar maine apke Atu comics ke post pe apne vichaar nahi bataye aur aapse comics upload karne ko bol diya. Aasha kartaa hun aap apne is chote bhai ko is galti ke liye maaf kar denge.
Saath hi saath dhanyavaad ki uske baad bhi aapne mere liye comics ki link available ki.
Ab baat kartaa hu aapke is post ki.Hameshaa ki tarah ye post bhi jabardast hai. Purani hindi comics ke liye jaankaari ikathaa karne ka aapka junoon sach me adbhut hai.
Main bhi aapke is prayaas mein jo help kar sakoonga jaroor karoonga, par kya karoon maine janm hi itne der mein liya ki meri comics padhne ki umra aate aate jyaadatar publications ya to band ho chuke the ya fir lupt hone ki kagaar par the. Ye to aap jaise comics premi hain jinke dwaara main aaj itne saare hindi comics publications ke baare mein jaanta hun.
Vaise is baar jab main apne ghar Allahabad jaoonga to kuch bahut purani comics ikattha karne ka prayaas jaroor karoonga.
Haan abhi mujhe ek comics series ki yaad aayi jiskaa naam tha 'Chandrakaanta santati'(Agar main koi galti nahi kar raha hun to) jo ki shayad Pawan comics ke dwaara publish ki jaati thi, uski kuch comics mere paas jaroor available hongi(Agar mummy ne mere na rahne par kabaadi ko na di hongi to). Agar aapke paas is series ke baare mein koi jaankaari hai to jaroor avagat karaayen. Balki kyon na aap Pawan comics ke baare mein hi apne ice project blog pe ek blog post karen.
Ek baar fir se puraani galti ke liye chamaa-prarthi hun.

Anupam said...

@Akfunworld - Brother, Now I am feeling sorry for saying such things. I am feeling that I said something I should not have to say.

All I wanted to say is that I really would like the comics lovers to come and share their knowledge adding to the information in ICE Project. That's all.

I really am looking forward to see those vintage Chandrakanta Santati from Pawan. I have just one of about 14 parts (or may be more but not less than 14). Wish its safe at your home.

Any help is really welcome, be it just the name of a character of comics. Its like that sweet poem -

"Little drops of water
make the mighty ocean
Little grains of sand
Make the pleasant land"

So every drop is welcome.
Keep comics always.

Countdown to Diwakar Chitrakatha - 4 days to go i.e. on Sunday

akfunworld said...

I think you forgot about Dolphin publication in your list of comics publications.

akfunworld said...

and one more thing, i am sharing your blog on my tribe on indyarocks which is based on India comics and will love to share the matters givan here and would like to have your permission to do so.

Aby said...

Hi Anupam bro, its so nice to be on ur blog with so rare information. Thanks for ur gr8 efforts once again. I also remember my childhood days when once my family purchased me these BSI books and comics thru a salesman that does door to door selling. It was somewhere in early nineties. That time they use to promote Christianity thru a pack of various religious books + books on life and messages of Jesus + 2 of such comics. Till that time, i thought that Bible was only limited to Jesus 's life story but after reading these comics i came to know that it was a collection of stories from the starting of civilization till Jesus. All thanks to these comics + a TV serial 'Stories from the Bible (Bible Ki Kahaniyan)' at that time. But after that i never saw any comics from their publication. Don't know whether it is still publishing or not.
Thanks for revieving it again. Keep it up.

Anupam said...

@AKfunworld - Dolphin Publication I am unaware of. I will add to the list today. Can you please give some more information on the publication.

Also, about sharing my posts on your tribe is perfectly cool. I don't have any problem. Though only please take care that it will not harm the ICE PROJECT BLOG's readership. I am not saying this because I want popularity, its simply because if people will come here, they might share here also. So more visitor, more the chances of getting information for ICE PROJECT and building the encyclopedia for Indian Comics.

Anupam said...

@Aby - I too purchased 2 comics from them. They were of very high quality with a token price of Rs. 2 only.

I perchased a small book of Jesus Messages. A small version of Bible plus a comic named 'Moosah' for just Rs. 2- in 1992-1993 (or around)

But, have lost the comics and only last week found one comics (which cover is posted), Now really would like to collect them.

But now they are not publishing. They have stopped years ago. Bad Luck

akfunworld said...

U only had uploaded one comics of this publication on your blog, name of the comics is Kamal apsarayen.

akfunworld said...

and i'll take care of that my tribe will not harm ice project.
I'll only give some interesting parts of your posts and then give link of your blog to read the post completely.

Anupam said...

@Akfunworld - No Brother, Kamal Apsarayein is not from BSI, it is a Chinese Folk Tales and the book is published in Hindi, in China.
It was a part of cultural exchange program where the government of one country published their books in another countries languages in very very low price.

Anupam said...

@Akfunworld - Thanks for understanding. It will give ICEPROJECT on more sites to get few interested comics lovers.

akfunworld said...

O sorry bro i wasn't knowing that, and thanks for letting me know about this comics. Today i'm writing a blog on some hindi comics lovers like you on my blog. Please read that and leave your comments. A comment from a blogger like you will be very helpful for this new and inexperienced blogger.

jerry m thomas said...

Hello anupam

I have a bsi comics snaps with me. How can i get in touch with you. Please contact me at my mail id:

Jerry Thomas